About Us

Our Mission:

To conserve in perpetuity land and water resources that support the long-term health and well-being of the natural and human communities on the Blue Hill Peninsula.

Who We Are:

We are a nationally accredited nonprofit, membership-based land conservation organization founded in 1985 by residents of the Blue Hill Peninsula in coastal Maine. We work to conserve the unique landscape of our peninsula: pristine shores, blueberry-covered hills, working farms, wetlands, forests, ponds, and breathtaking views.

In March of 2014 we merged with TCT (The Conservation Trust of Brooksville, Castine, and Penobscot) who at that time was the oldest and exclusively local all-volunteer land trust in the state. Its contribution of thirteen new properties to the Trust allowed us to continue their 35-year legacy of land conservation on the Blue Hill Peninsula. To date, Blue Hill Heritage Trust has protected over 7,000 acres of land that will be forever protected for its recreational, scenic beauty, and historical importance.

Operating entirely as a donor-based organization, BHHT provides free educational opportunities for all ages ranging from forest walk and talks to local farm tours.  Working with schools and the community at large is key to instilling a vested interest in protecting where we call home. In true New England fashion, we are taking private action for the public good, to help ensure that increasing development pressure does not destroy the character of this remarkable place. Our work is voluntary and it is forever.

Please contact the Trust office if you are interested in participating as a member, volunteer, or board member.


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