Monthly Giving

Simplify your life.  Become one of our All-Season Givers!

(Formerly known as the “Sustainable Giving Program”)

Reasons to join:

  • Ease of giving.  Sign up for automatic monthly donations of any amount through FirstGiving, or use Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to deduct funds monthly to make your giving effortless.
  • Support we can count on.  By giving monthly, we know we can count on you to contribute to our day-to-day operations. This allows us to focus more on protecting places that are important to our community.


Who chooses to give this way?

Teresa Rankin is one of our long-time monthly contributors.  She says “monthly contributions are a ‘win-win’. . .it’s easier for my budget and it adds up for BHHT.  I think a nonprofit can better plan and support their mission if they know that we have made a commitment to them.”

Erik Esselstyn became a sustainer a few years ago.  He wants you to know “how easy it is to preserve the magic of the Blue Hill Peninsula” through our monthly automatic giving program.

Donate by check, FirstGiving or via bank transfer.

Please contact our office by email or phone (207-374-5118) to join our Sustainable Giving Program.  You may also download our All-Season Giving form here.