Educational Resources & Nature Based Activities

Hello Friends- Below we hope you will enjoy several Educational Resources & Nature Based Activities to do with your students, children, partner, friend, yourself…

Spring is coming and with it ticks! The protocol below is what BHHT uses for outdoor programs.

Tick Protocol


Scavenger Hunts

Signs of Spring Life Scavenger Hunt

Early Buds Scavenger Hunt

Evergreens Scavenger Hunt



Stories and Curricular Connections

Penelope the Porcupine Goes in Search of Spring

(to see a blog post about storytelling click HERE)


Written Seminar on the Schoodic to Schoodic (S2S) ecological corridor, taught by Ben Emory- This is the first of four written pieces on the Schoodic to Schoodic (S2S) ecological corridor, to be distributed weekly through April. These substitute for the Acadia Senior College course I was to teach this month at the Wendell Gilley Museum in Southwest Harbor and, hopefully, will be interesting, enrich, and distract during a difficult spring. Although now circulated to a wider audience, these, nonetheless, are tailored to the Acadia Senior College community — older people living in Hancock County, Maine, with varied backgrounds, interests, and levels of knowledge about conservation topics.
The final two pages of this document present a short article already distributed to registrants for the original course and to some others. Now that this will circulate more widely, some readers will not have seen the article I wrote three years ago for Northern Woodlands magazine (a favorite of mine!). If you have not already read my piece on Schoodic to Schoodic in Northern Woodlands, you may find turning to it first a helpful introduction.
Comments, questions, and corrections of any errors are welcome. For those who don’t know me, my bio is on page 10. I am honored by your interest in these written pieces, and I salute Acadia Senior College for all it does to enrich lives in our part of Maine.
Stay healthy!
Ben Emory (To ask Ben questions about these “classes” you can email him here:

ASC S2S #1