Monthly Giving

Simplify your life.  Become one of our All-Season Givers!

Reasons to join with monthly donations:

  • Ease of giving.
    • Sign up for automatic monthly donations of any amount with your credit card through PayPal located on our “Donate Here!” Page. Just click the “I want this to automatically repeat each month” box and you’ll be notified immediately that it is set up correctly via email.
  • Support we can count on.  By giving monthly, we know we can count on you to contribute to our day-to-day operations. This allows us to focus more on protecting places that are important to our community.


Who chooses to give this way?

Rick and Debbie Alexander have been All-Season Givers since 2013 and Rick says, “Monthly automatic giving has made me feel closer to BHHT. Since I’m always making a contribution, I am more motivated to be a part of a really worthwhile program. Not that I take sole credit, but since I signed up for monthly giving the Trust has had more great programs, more creative activities and more ways to participate!  It’s simple to get started and I still have control.”

Leda Beth Gray began her All-Season Giving in 2014. “I like All-Season Giving because it is automatic and I don’t have to think about it. I know I am supporting the great conservation programs and events at BHHT but don’t have to worry about forgetting to donate,” she says.

John and Carol Merrifield enjoy the All-Season Giving feature because:  “We know we’re going to support BHHT all year long and this makes it so easy to just set it up and let it happen without having to remember to write a check and mail it.  We put the donation on our credit card and earn travel miles to see the grandkids!”


Please contact our office by email or phone (207-374-5118) with any additional questions.