• The snow looms high this winter

    A Winter Respite to Shape the Future

    We thank all who filled out the survey and put in their two cents about the future of BHHT’s lands! Amazing — we had over 400 responses to our strategic plan survey which asked the community to tell… Read More

  • Hydrologist Andrew Reeve in the field

    Spring Lecture Series – Hydrology on 4/20

    It’s time for our Spring Series to begin! Our first presenter is Andrew Reeve — Hydrologist at the University of Maine. Groundwater Hydrology: Measuring and simulating the hidden hydrology of groundwater interaction with surface-water ecosystems. Dr. Reeve will… Read More

  • spring peeper

    The Series Continues! Vernal Pools – 4/22

    Naturalist Lynn Havsall presents Vernal Pools: A Place of Wonder Ephemeral ponds appearing in the woods each spring are home to magical fairy shrimp, breeding pools for mole salamanders and wood frogs and feeding spots for other species…. Read More

  • red-oak-leaf

    In Celebration of Red Oaks

    About Our Lands: In Celebration of Red Oaks The red oak trees (Quercus rubra, Fagaceae) that dominate portions of our Kingdom Woods Conservation Area should inspire everyone to plant and nurture this tree species. Oaks are beautiful—the persistent… Read More

  • new Women's tees

    Swag from BHHT

                    Blue Hill Peninsula prints only $10.  All T-shirts in stock are only $5 each! Peninsula Hiking Guides $5.