Meadowbrook Forest

Meadowbrook Forest

Meadowbrook Forest is BHHT’s newest large forest block, totaling over 2,030 acres! There are over 9 miles of logging roads that are ideal for walking, running or biking. Please note that we do not have maps up along the trail as of yet, so please print one of these maps to bring along with you, or stop by our office. Thank you and we hope you enjoy this gorgeous new property!


Print out a PDF of this Map Here:Meadowbrook Road System Map

Location and Parking

This property is located off Route 1 between The North Bend Road and Christian Ridge Road in Ellsworth. The road is apx 1.7 miles from North Bend Rd and 2.1 miles from the Christian Ridge Rd.

As of right now there is no sign indicating the property, and we hope to remedy that soon.  The road is almost directly across the road from house #567 Bucksport Rd and is located in between Travis Ct and the Ellsworth Water Treatment Plant to the East & Hagans Elbow and Woodland Rd to the West. Visitors will notice a chain across the woods road, and may park along the property’s road off to the side until a proper parking area has been established.

Use Guidelines

  • Please stay on the roads. This is a huge piece of property. Unless you know the property really well, please stay on the logging roads so as not to get lost.
  • Carry out what you take in.
  • Fires are not permitted.
  • Dogs are permitted off leash.
  • Foot and bicycle traffic only, no motorized vehicles without BHHT permission.
  • Please do not disturb cameras or other Natural Resource monitoring devices we have set up.