Nature Scavenger Hunts!


These scavenger hunts, or nature based activity prompts, provide a wide range of opportunity to delve into observing the natural world and engaging with the earth in many different ways including nature journaling, found object sculpture, water body investigation, nose-to-the ground forest floor investigations, phenology studies, color collecting, using all the senses, and more. The prompts encourage place-based explorations, appreciation of seasonal changes, and even stewardship practices in your backyard or out on the trails.  They are presented here as PDF documents to be easily printed and attached to a clip board or pasted in a  journal. There are also video links included that Landere created for a 2nd grade class but that can be viewed by anyone! Enjoy!


Some of the activities pertain directly to a season and some can be done multiple times in different seasons for different results! You can pick and choose!


Spring and Summer



EARLY BUDS Scavenger Hunt PDF

Video tutorial


TINY THINGS: Scavenger Hunt

Video Tutorial






Video Tutorial


LISTENING Scavenger Hunt PDF

Video Tutorial



CLEAN UP! Scavenger Hunt PDF

Video Tutorial