Place-based Storytelling Resources

 Place-based Storytelling 


Below are stories written by Outreach Coordinator, Landere Naisbitt, that teach natural history, ecology, social emotional skills, and folklore and that highlight local species, seasons, places, and more. We use them as educational tools in our Forest Day programs, Wild Sun Catchers events and others.

Additionally, there are “Curriculum Connections” that help expand the learning found within the stories and offer ideas for how to further explore the topic as well and reflect and share thoughts about the story.


(To learn more about how we use storytelling in our programs you can read a Blog Post by clicking HERE)










Penelope the Porcupine Goes Looking for Spring

Penelope the Porcupine Curricular Connections




The Girl Who Turned into a Butterfly

The Girl who Turned into a Butterfly Curricular Connections





Young Beech: Messenger of the Forest

Young Beech Curricular Connections




The Tree House

The Tree House Curricular Connections

The Tree House TOLD LIVE on Forest Schooled Storytelling Live Stream




Wilhelmina the Worm Can’t Sleep Under the Full Moon

Curricular Connections





The Magic Pouch

Curricular Connections

The Magic Pouch TOLD LIVE on Forest Schooled Storytelling (find at there end of the live stream)






Hazel and Huckleberry Learn How to Build A Fire

Curricular Connections






How Rabbits Got White Fur in Winter

Curricular Connections





The Fairy and the Seaweed Garden

Curricular Connections




The Gift of the Maple Tree

Curricular Connections





The Three Red Witches and the Cranberry Bog

Curricular Connections





The Goldenrod Fairy

Curricular Connections





The Snowflea’s New Friend

Curricular Connections





Sylvie and Silas and the Secret Seeds

Curricular Connections