Drop by our office located at 157 Hinckley Ridge Road in Blue Hill to purchase some of our fashionable merchandise!

We have a wide selection of t-shirts, with sizes varying from children’s youth, to women’s cut, and universal (adult) cut! Featuring Alewife fish, a Frog & Chantrelle Mushroom, or Owl & Moon. (All shirts are $15 tax included).

Hats in a variety of styles and colors ($15)





fitz-lane-and-map-signFor another great gift idea, how about a world-renowned marine painter Fitz Henry Lane print of “Blue Hill Mountain” from 1850, for only $10! Want to have your very own topographical map (24″ x 36″) of the entire Blue Hill Peninsula? We have it for the special low price of $5!

All proceeds benefit our non-profit community-based land conservation organization. Thank you for your support!