Bagaduce River Access

Bagaduce Canoe Access

Access the West Shore of the Bagaduce in Brooksville

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A one-acre wooded property is bounded by a beautiful brook with moss-covered rocks. Water at shore is shallow with mud bottom. Can be used to access ice in winter. Be aware that this is a very simple access to the water- it can be very muddy and wet after walking on a few wooden planks and until you get into your boat.

Birdwatching at this location can be rewarding- for example, on a September morning glance one can find a great blue heron, dabbling ducks, and a pair of yellowlegs near this shoreline. Among other conservation values, this property, along with our Snow’s Cove Preserve, helps protect horseshoe crab breeding habitat, which is rare in Maine. Of special interest is number of horseshoe crab shells scattered throughout woods of both properties.
Bagaduce River Canoe Access Trailhead

Location and Parking

Bagaduce River Canoe Access ParkingThe trailhead is located on the Bagaduce Road, 1.6 miles from the intersection with the Coastal Road at Walker’s Corner or 2.4 miles from the Coastal Road in North Brooksville. There is a roadside pull-off to accommodate 2-3 cars and a footpath down to the river.