Story of Place – Webinar Series

Behind every special property or trail, there is a story and cast of characters. Blue Hill Heritage Trust is excited to host a webinar series called The Story of Place, dedicated to the memory of a dear friend and local historian Bob Slaven. “This series will be a celebration of some of the most treasured places on the Blue Hill Peninsula,” commented Trust’s Development Director Chrissy Allen. “Bob’s infectious love of this place, and desire to knowthe story” of the peninsula inspired this oral history project.”

Stories will include properties protected by BHHT, as well as others of cultural and historic significance to the Blue Hill Peninsula, and conversations with the people behind so much of our work. The Story of Place will be a series of live online presentations with special guests from BHHT’s past and present sharing stories of how some of the Trust’s most popular properties came to be, as well as local history buffs from around the region. Check our events calendar for upcoming live webinars.

2022 (People)

Story of Place – Staff Conversations


Story of Place – Heritage Society Conversations


Story of Place – Intern Conversations



2021 (Places)

M.K. Chase Granite Quarries, with Bob Slaven & Chrissy Allen – Recorded October 2021


Blue Hill Mountain, with Jim Dow, Ellen Best, and Merrie Eley – Recorded January 21st, 2021


Carter Nature Preserve and the Furth/Talalay Sanctuaries with the Friends of Morgan Bay & BHHT’s George Fields


Long Island in Blue Hill Bay with local historian Denny Robertson


Peters Brook & Penny’s Nature Preserve with land and conservation easement donors Bill Byers, Doug & Posie Cowan, Rich Storck & Aletha Langham, BHHT Trail Steward Jo Barrett, and BHHT’s Associate Director George Fields

Patten Stream Conservation Area & the 5th Anniversary of the Patten Stream Alewife Restoration Project with BHHT Executive Director Hans Carlson, and long time BHHT Volunteers & Surry Alewife Committee Members Susan Shetterly & Norman Mrozicki.