Introduction to Climate Change and Climate Justice- Lesson Plan

Hi! My name is Jessica Dyer and I grew up in Brooklin, Maine. For the longest time, I had no interest in learning about climate change. I¬†always ignored it and quite frankly, I really didn’t know anything about it. It¬†wasn’t until I joined a Climate Justice organization (Just Me for Just Us) that I realized how important it is that we take climate action. I began to do research on it¬†every single day, and I became worried over our world’s current situation. I¬†think it is crucial that us youth to take action¬†because it is our future at stake.¬†We must deal with the mess our past generations created.¬†

Below, you will find resources for leading a lesson on climate change and climate action, which I created and have taught at several area schools on the Blue Hill Peninsula. It is my hope this lesson will encourage students to take action and get involved.