Introduction to Climate Change and Climate Justice- Lesson Plan

Hi! My name is Jessica Dyer and I grew up in Brooklin, Maine. For the longest time, I had no interest in learning about climate change. I always ignored it and quite frankly, I really didn’t know anything about it. It wasn’t until I joined a Climate Justice organization (Just Me for Just Us) that I realized how important it is that we take climate action. I began to do research on it every single day, and I became worried over our world’s current situation. I think it is crucial that us youth to take action because it is our future at stake. We must deal with the mess our past generations created. 

Below, you will find resources for leading a lesson on climate change and climate action, which I created and have taught at several area schools on the Blue Hill Peninsula. It is my hope this lesson will encourage students to take action and get involved.



Teacher Lesson Plan Introduction to Climate Change and Climate Justice

Introduction to Climate Change & Climate Justice Presentation

Trivia Mingle

Climate Change worksheet for students


Teacher Lesson Plan Youth Engagement & Taking Action

Climate Justice Youth Engagement and Taking Action Project Presentation

Interviews & Action Project Packet