Drop by our office located at 157 Hinckley Ridge Road in Blue Hill to purchase some of our fashionable merchandise! We have a wide selection of t-shirts, with sizes varying from children’s youth, to women’s cut, and universal… Read More

Acadia Centennial Programming!

The Blue Hill Heritage Trust is proud to be an official partner in the Acadia Centennial. To support and celebrate this milestone year for Acadia National Park we are hosting a series of talks about the park in… Read More

30th Anniversary “Celebrating Place” Weekly Packet Columns from 2015

30th Anniversary “Celebrating Place” Weekly Packet Columns by Jim Dow Click Here to read them all!

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Fall Mushroom Walk & Talk with David Porter- Mushroom Resources & Field Guides

This year’s Mushroom Walk and Talk was a huge success, thanks to our leader David Porter. We discovers all sorts of beautiful fungi, both edible and extremely poisonous (very exciting)! David has very kindly put together a Mushroom… Read More