35th Anniversary Celebration!

Dear Friends,

We had BIG plans for our 35th Anniversary and looked forward to celebrating all we have accomplished together over the past three and a half decades. If we couldn’tcelebrate with you in person for an afternoon, then we’ll celebrate virtually! While we are sorry to miss out on a big party, which we look forward to having next year instead, we really enjoyed our week long “Annual Meeting” Celebration this August. Please enjoy our virtual and community events below.

Hans, George, Chrissy, Sandy, Landere, Beth & the Board of Directors




We had a great time telling stories and looking to the future on this live zoom event.

Click Here to watch the recording of this special event.








We are excited to set up a little scavenger hunt around the peninsula to 3 locations where everyone and anyone is invited to help us complete 3 original Community Conservation Coloring Pages! Outreach Coordinator Landere Naisbitt will be creating three beautiful murals that reflect the conservation work done on this Peninsula by both BHHT and the Community. A reflection of how much we can achieve together!

Murals will be up from
9am Monday, August 24th TO 5pm Saturday, August 29th
at the following locations:

Blue Hill Public Library- Blue Hill Mountain
Compass Rose Books – Elder Elm Tree
Pugnuts Ice Cream Shop- Alewife Run

All ages and artistic abilities are welcome to color in OR add to these works with additional drawings, poetry, etc… Art supplies and hand sanitizer will be provided.

35th Anniversary Video

The newest BHHT video project by our friend and filmmaker Tate Yoder premiered! This short video is a sweet look at the heart and soul of BHHT through the eyes of two very special people in the organization. Click the image above or here to view this beautiful film. (As with all Tate Yoder films, we highly suggest turning your volume way up and putting it on full screen to enjoy his beautiful work and the soundtrack he has selected).


Honoring the Original Board of Directors and Supporters

Celebrating 35 Years of Conservation on the Greater Blue Hill Peninsula
Dear Friends,
In the video we are premiering here in this e-news, you will hear Peter Clapp talk a bit about the events that spurred the creation of Blue Hill Heritage Trust. This is something we’ve been thinking a lot about as we round the corner on thirty-five years in operation, and why we wanted to show you the first newsletter, sent out in the fall of 1986, in addition. There are striking things in this old publication worthy of note, as we think about this organization’s past, present, and future.
I find the list of original board members inspiring, because of how representative those people were of the whole community. There were summer folk and newly transplanted year-rounders on that list, but also people with roots on the peninsula going back generations. My guess is that there were some clear political differences within that group on many matters, too, but conservation was a shared interest, the literal and metaphorical common ground for action. The peninsula owes a great many thanks to those who gathered in some living room, or around a kitchen table, and began the work of conserving land for future generations here.I’m also struck by how current so much of the language and ideas still feel today. The Trust has grown in complexity and staff, we’ve protected more land than the founders probably dreamed possible, and yet most of what was written in 1986 still applies to our work and our mission today. Our aspirations are still aligned with those founding members, I think, and not every organization can say that on its thirty-fifth anniversary.Finally, there is that list of supporters, which of course is the other group of people to whom we owe so many thanks. And what is amazing is that so many of those people and families who supported our work back then, are still supporting us today. The loyalty of our donors has made the Trust what it is, and we are most grateful for all that you do.So happy reading and happy watching.Hans (Hans Carlson, Executive Director)Click here to read the BHHT 1986 Newsletter





Blue Hill Heritage Trust was established in 1985 under an incredible group of Founding Board Members. All of these induviduals brought something unique and important to the table. We are so grateful to each and everyone for their dedication, longsighted wisdom, and for the gifts that will benefit this community for generations to come.

BHHT Original Board of Directors 1985

Jean Nickerson, President- The founding President, Jean was remarkable and one of the original drivers of the conversation for the need to protect some of the special places on the peninsula and keep them open for the public.

John Milliken, Vice President- A former treasurer and Vice President, John served on the board for the first three years and helped lay the foundation of the organization.

Wes Barton, Secretary- The first Board Secretary, and a Board Member for ten years, Wes was the youngest of the founders and very involved in the activism to stop the development on Peters Point.

J. Crosby Brown, Treasurer- The Trust’s first Treasurer and a maritime history enthusiast, Brown’s love of Blue Hill and the Water brought important energy to the founding board.

Paul Birdsall- Paul was the driving force behind BHHT conserving farmland and the opportunity to grow food on the peninsula. He also went on to become a founding Board member of Maine Farmland Trust.

Rufus Candage- A board member for the first 10 years of the Trust’s existence. As a local business owner, Rufus had his finger on the pulse of the region and was a valuable member of BHHT’s BOD.

Peter Clapp- A founding Board Member, and former Board President, Peter has remained an active and steady voice on the board of BHHT for all 35 years and brings to the table critical historical knowledge as well as important local perspective.

Rodney Cookman- A Board member until 1993, Rodney brought an important perspective to the board as a farmer, woodlot owner, and realtor.

Kenneth Taplin- Kenneth served on the Board for the first four years of the organization. As a local business owner and Selectman, he brought an important local perspective to the board.

Ellen Walker (now Werner)- A founding Board Member, and former Board President, Ellen was the moving force in a major fundraising campaign to conserve and protect a major section of Blue Hill Mountain which is loved by many!