Chloë Sheahan


Chloe Sheahan

I have known that I want to work in the environmental field for a long time, and my internship with Blue Hill Heritage Trust this summer turned ideas into reality and made me a thousand times more sure that I’m headed in the right direction. Growing up on the Blue Hill Peninsula has instilled in me a passion for preserving the beautiful nature that surrounds me, as well as the environment far and wide. I have been so incredibly lucky to always have access to BHHT trails and been able to learn from their events. And this summer I was able to give back to my community and help create the same experience I’ve always had.

The James W. Dow Internship Program is no normal internship; Calvin, Clare, and I weren’t just mentored by one person in the office, everyone took us under their wing and showed us what it meant to play their role in the organization. Each day this summer was filled with different tasks that took us across the peninsula and introduced us to wonderful people associated with the Trust. We learned new skills and were taught different things from each of our mentors here who collectively made our summer incredible.

With Andrew we hiked along each trail, cutting back weeds and branches and using a chainsaw on fallen trees so that they could be as accessible as possible for hikers. We also spent time building trails at Wallamatogus Mountain and Penny’s Preserve. We worked together in these projects to move thick logs twice our height, cut up trees that had fallen across the brook, and move rocks to create a smooth walking path. With George we went full circle; monitoring an easement by walking the borderline to look for encroachments, and then making the first walk of another easement’s borders to photograph it for future monitoring. One of our favorite activities was creating forest plots in Meadowbrook with Sandy, measuring and cataloging trees at random coordinate points. I enjoyed it because you would never know what you were walking into from dense coniferous forest so thick we had to crawl to get through to open swampy hardwood groves, and everything in between.

We learned how to write grants with Chrissy, explaining to the organizations just how important the trail we are building is and what it can provide to the community. We worked with Landere and Megan on outreach events where we met many people in the community. My favorite events were the nature activities that we ran at kids camps and schools this summer. We also designed our own outreach event which was a full moon hike up Blue Hill Mountain, it was an amazing experience and we had a great turnout! We connected with the community even more when we helped to run our table at the farmers market with Beth’s guidance. I spoke to many people about BHHT and heard all of their amazing stories about their favorite trails. Through the Trust we also attended a chainsaw training and Wilderness First Aid training. I learned skills that I will use for the rest of my life in both of these trainings, and I can’t imagine where else I would have been able to do this.

As one of Blue Hill Heritage Trust’s interns this summer, I learned and experienced so much more than I can fit into writing. The summer flew by, and while I could never have imagined what I would do at BHHT, this was more than I ever hoped. A huge part of this summer was the amazing people who work at the Trust. They made coming to work each day exciting and invited me into their office with open arms. And of course, I’m so happy to have worked with my fellow interns, Calvin and Clare, who I spent so much time with this summer. We learned from each other, had fun, and challenged each other. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this organization and this amazing program, and I’ll always remember my summer here.


Watch Clare, Calvin, and Chloë’s Intern Video

Chloë Sheahan was one of three 2023 James W. Dow Interns, along with Clare and Calvin. Originally from Sedgwick ME, Chloë attends Bowdoin College studying Environmental Studies, Government, and Legal Studies. Chloë was funded thanks to the Becton Family Foundation & Bowdoin College.