Devon Funt


Devon Funt

My summer working for the Blue Hill Heritage Trust was not only great work experience, but also extremely fulfilling. Going into the summer I hadn’t been exposed to the specifics of land conservation and wasn’t sure what my work responsibilities would entail. I was nervous about being in a new environment and not having background in the field.

However, this apprehensiveness was met with open arms by all the members at the Blue Hill Heritage Trust. I was immediately welcomed into this small community and reassured that this summer would be about having different learning experiences.

My expectations for the summer were definitely exceeded. Not only did I get to learn the details about land conservation that I was lacking coming into this internship, but I also had an opportunity to learn new trail building techniques, become more comfortable using GIS, as well as being able to identify invasive species, plants, and lichens. I think one of the most fulfilling things for me this summer was being able to shadow for conservation easement monitoring. I have gotten to a point where I can confidently complete this task on my own and that is a great take away from my summer.

I started the summer unsure of the work I would be doing and came out more confident in my stewardship and conservation skills. I am thankful for the opportunity I was given this summer and for all of those who I had a chance to work with.

Devon Funt was the BHHT Summer Intern in 2017, MCHT supported. She is from Pennsylvania, and graduated in 2018 from Unity College in the Parks and Forest Resources Dept. Devon solo hiked the AT in 2019!