Edouard Beardsley


Edouard Beardsley

Working for BHHT has truly been an amazing experience.  I have been coming to this region of Maine and this peninsula for my whole life and this internship has allowed me to fully explore this beautiful peninsula and deepen the connection I have to this area.  It has been a great learning experience to see how BHHT works collaboratively with the community to further their conservation goals.

Some of my time here was spent helping with outreach work and going to events organized for the community by the trust.  From my experience in these events, they really helped bring people together and celebrate the great conservation efforts that happen at BHHT.  I enjoyed learning from this and it made me realize how important it is to include community members in conservation work.  This is not only for things such as financial support but also to help spread the word to the rest of the community about how important conserving this area is to ensure the beauty of it stays intact for future generations.  One of the most impressive things to me was to see how inclusive the trust is in getting community support, allowing people from all walks of life take part, including the elderly and people with disabilities.

For me one of the greatest aspects about this internship is how well rounded our day to day endeavors were.  It felt like almost every day we were doing something different and new.  From maintaining trails around the peninsula, building new trails out at Peters Brook, entering data and doing plant inventory at Meadowbrook, being in beautiful natural areas, and more, there was never a dull moment while working here.  Being able to have a taste of all these different undertakings really taught me what working at a land trust is all about.  The fact that BHHT is a small organization to me is what allowed me to be able to experience all different aspects of a land trust’s work.  All this has motivated me to make a difference in whatever community I end up living in permanently.

Overall I have learned a great deal about land trust’s conservation efforts, and it really would not be possible without the amazing staff that runs this organization full time.  The open-minded, supportive, hardworking, fun and thoughtful attitudes of everyone here made this experience what it is and really gives me hope for the future of conserving the beautiful lands of the peninsula which I hold very close to my heart.  It is clear to me that this organization will continue to spread the passion for conservation in this area and I hope to be able to collaborate again in some way, shape or form!

I am so very grateful for this incredible work and learning experience at BHHT.  Thank you so much for receiving me with open arms and including me in the BHHT family.  I will always look back to this internship with fond memories!

Edouard was our first James W. Dow Intern along with Maitland during the summer of 2018. Originally from Belgium, Edouard is a graduate of Prescott College and is currently working towards his Masters in Biology with a focus on Wildlife and Community Conservation. Edouard was funded through BHHT operations thanks to the generosity of our donors.