Emily O’Brien


Emily O'Brien

Working as an intern with the Blue Hill Heritage Trust was an eye-opening experience. I grew up coming to Castine for quick summer visits and loved being surrounded by the beauty of the peninsula. My mom recommended that I apply for this internship, considering my interest in environmental sustainability and my love for the area. I cannot thank her enough for the suggestion, as the James W. Dow internship program has been and will continue to be one of my most treasured experiences.

In my ten weeks at the Trust, I experienced all of the aspects that make BHHT so special. Alongside Hayley and Apple, I shadowed Chrissy in her work in development, including grant writing, board meetings, and individual meetings with affiliates of the Trust. On the stewardship side of things, we tagged alongside George on conservation easement monitoring expeditions, as well as meeting the owners of a parcel that the Trust is acquiring an easement on. Some of my favorite days were spent in Surry Forest doing wetland inventory and forest plots with Sandy. With Landere and Beth, we honed our outreach skills through the Farmer’s Market, as well as by attending and hosting outreach events.

The BHHT staff are an incredibly motivated and engaging group of people. Sitting at the staff meeting on my first Monday in June, I knew that this would be the case. Each member of the team is integral to the function of the Trust body, and I felt wholeheartedly supported and encouraged to be the most curious and dedicated version of myself possible. I feel very fortunate to have worked with such a bonded trio of interns. Our interests and styles of working complimented each other in the best ways. I learned from both of these women and am proud to call them my friends.

Blue Hill Heritage Trust provided the opportunity to be stewarding members of land conservation. I have gained experience practically speaking, through learning how to write grants, use power tools, and identify native plants. However, I have also learned about connecting to the work that is being done. I feel a strong duty and desire to work to conserve the land on this peninsula, and am grateful for the respect and love for the land that the Trust and the greater peninsula community have instilled in me.

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Emily was one of three 2022 James W. Dow Interns along with Hayley and Apple. Originally from Washington, D.C., Emily is currently attending Connecticut College as a double majoring in Government and Dance with a concentration in Environmental Studies. Emily was funded through BHHT operations thanks to the generosity of our donors.