George Hurvitt


George Hurvitt

“It sure is pretty from up here!” We have just summited Blue Hill Mountain, a 934 foot monadnock that bears the name of the town that sits at its feet. The breeze feels good, as all the way up we worked lopping, cutting, and blazing trees and trail to prepare for the busy foot traffic days ahead. Jim tells me this is the most popular trail on the peninsula; I think – who wouldn’t want to come up here to eat their lunch and pick berries?

I have been a summer intern at Blue Hill Heritage Trust for 6 weeks. Each week is new and adds to the previous. I learn about easements, about working with landowners, and about how to plan, plot, mark, cut and build new trails for community use. I have mentors in the three full-time employees whom I work closely with every day; amidst the summer bustle we laugh, walk trails, work against deadlines, and plan, plan, plan so our hard work pays off each week in a job well done.

Incredibly, just as important as our internal office hustle, is the continuous engagement with the public around education of why we do what we do as an organization. As such, I spend the other half of my time doing outreach, social media, tabling at events, and creating content to post around the peninsula – we are hosting our annual Mountain Day, Mushroom Walks, Woods Story telling with kids, Tree ID-ing, and Local Farm Tours. In an effort to do it all, we are a scrappy team of fun-loving hard workers, who truly believe this peninsula provides incredible resources that are worth our daily, weekly, and yearly commitment. Luckily, we are not the only ones that think that.

My favorite part of working with BHHT is meeting, engaging with, and learning from the fantastic cohort of members that support the not-for-profit to the best of their potential. Year and after year the Blue Hill Peninsula community agrees that where they live is unparalleled in beauty and cause, and they commit their time, dollars, and expertise to help BHHT carry out its mission. The Trust is an excellent and effective organization because of its members; I thoroughly enjoy spending my time working alongside them.”

My experience as an intern at Blue Hill Heritage Trust was one of the most valuable educations I have had the pleasure of receiving. I continue to volunteer, support, and talk of this organization’s good work wherever I go. A great thanks to these folks for keeping the torch lit each and every day.

George Hurvitt was an intern for BHHT in the summer of 2012 as an undergraduate student at Smith College in Northampton MA. George has a Masters Degree in Business Sustainability from Antioch College and currently serves on BHHT’s Board of Directors. George grew up in Blue Hill, ME.