Maitland Ianiri


Maitland Ianiri

My summer working with BHHT has been an incredibly fulling experience. Blue Hill has been one of the most beautiful places to work and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know this wonderful community. It has been amazing to see how BHHT works strongly within the community to accomplish their conservation and educational goals.

One thing I enjoyed about this summer was that every day would bring something new. I spent time driving around and maintaining some of the many trails on the peninsula, getting to see all the beautiful land they have conserved. I was working out at one of the new 2,000 acre parcels, Meadowbrook Forest, doing species inventory and expanding my knowledge of plants in this region.  I learned about the work that goes into conservation easement monitoring. Fridays were spent building the new Peters Brook trail where we got to learn from the local trail masters about how to construct trails for the public to enjoy with minimal impact.

I also got to spend time getting to see all the work that goes into the outreach side of the organization. I got to work at the farmers market and participate in several of the events that BHHT puts on. It was amazing to see how important these events were for bringing the community together and teaching them about the environment. I would always walk away from these events having learned something new (and sometimes with a bucket full of blueberries).

I feel like I have learned so much in my short time here and certainly owe it to the wonder staff at BHHT. The small staff here made it easy for the work place to immediately feel like home. It has also been amazing to see all the people who dedicate their time and resources to this organization. The members of this organization are crucial in making sure things run smoothly and it was amazing to see so many people passionate about preserving this beautiful peninsula.

I am very thankful for getting to work with BHHT this summer and grateful for all the connections that I have made. I look forward to returning to this wonderful peninsula!

Maitland was our first James W. Dow Intern along with Edouard during the summer of 2018. Originally from Connecticut, Maitland is a graduate of UNH and is currently working as a naturalist for the San Mateo County Office of Education. Maitland was funded through BHHT operations thanks to the generosity of our donors.