Merrin Brache


Merrin Brache

Growing up on the Blue Hill peninsula has given me a profound appreciation for the woods, waters and coastline that I call home, and being part of an organization that’s sole mission is to protect this landscape for future generations was a dream come true. As a George Stevens Academy Alumnus, I have wanted to intern for BHHT since I first heard about the program from my friend (and fellow GSA grad) and 2016 summer intern Tyler Brenton and I’m incredibly lucky that this summer I got the opportunity to intern here. Every single member of the team at the trust goes above and beyond their respective duties and it was amazing to see such a high functioning group of people who are clearly so passionate about the work they do and land conservation.

Over the course of the summer we got to experience working with each of the different staff members to get a well rounded perspective of all the work that the trust does. In the beginning of the summer we did lots of trail work with Sandy and George cleaning up new growth and cutting through winter blow-downs. The trust’s forester Sandy took us out to do forest inventory plots in the trust‚Äôs Meadowbrook property as part of a long term monitoring program. We also helped Beth to organize and catalogue merchandise. On Saturdays we got the chance to work at the Trust‚Äôs booth at the Blue Hill farmers market and hear from community members about recommendations for our trails and give out advice on our favorite places to hike! We also worked with Chrissy to organize and set up free community educational events. George took us out to monitor conservation easements and we got to see the process of inspecting property. We also got the chance to hike and talk with Hans the Executive Director and two indigenous consultants about land use and the native history of some of the trusts properties. Towards the end of the summer I organized an event to educate people about the history of the invasive European green crab and the ecological effects that it’s having on Maine‚Äôs coastal ecosystem.

Even as interns, Jessica and I were involved in all of the day to day meetings and logistics. We got to visit a new alewife fishway project with Hans, met with landowners with George and sat in on board meetings. All of these various experiences led to a well rounded internship that gave us a real perspective on the scope of work involved in land conservation.

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Merrin was one of two 2021 James W. Dow Interns along with Jessica. Merrin is from Blue Hill and is currently in his fourth year at Prescott College in Arizona. Merrin is studying Environmental Science and Adventure Education and just began an accelerated masters program in Marine Conservation. Merrin was funded by the Becton Family Foundation.