2011 Completed Projects

Property on Wight’s Pond, Penobscot

The Trust’s new property includes approximately 18 wooded acres and over 1,100 feet of shore frontage.

This frontage includes a freshwater meadow that is productive habitat for various bird, mammal, and fish species, including dozens of waterfowl and wading bird species.

The land was purchased from a local family who had owned the property for decades but who needed to sell the land to meet other family needs. Thanks to their cooperation, we were able to arrange a transaction that worked for them as well as our Trust.

Long and narrow, Wight Pond has a shoreline that is almost completely undeveloped and has the feel of a remote pond. It has high wildlife value due to the diversity of wetland types present in the area, the intact riparian habitat and its location within a large unfragmented habitat block. At the north end of the Pond, where our new property is located, an expansive marsh grades into a forested floodplain along McCaslin Stream, one of the Pond’s major freshwater sources.  The Pond, in turn, is a major freshwater source for the Bagaduce River.

Over time we plan to create walking trails on these conservation properties that will highlight their natural values. For the time being, a paddle up Wight Pond from the small access point at the Pond’s southern end is the best way to experience this remarkable place.

Easement on King Hill Farm

A conservation easement was signed by the owners that will protect the rich agricultural resources of one of the Blue Hill Peninsula’s flagship organic farms.  This easement, part donation and part purchase, is one element in a farm ownership succession plan that will aid the process of transferring the farm to the next generation of farmers. Thanks again to Ron King, Dennis King, and Jo Barrett, for adding King Hill Farm to the growing list of farms protected through our Farmland Forever Program, and to the Maine’s Future Program and Maine Farmland Trust for their financial assistance.

A recent bequest: the Peterson Property

A new property was acquired by the Trust in a bequest from Louis Peterson.  The parcel helps link the Emerton Heath, a large wetland in Surry (shown on the right), with our other conservation lands at the head of Morgan Bay.  Completed this fall.