Surry Forest

Surry Forest Information Notice- Logging activity on neighboring property, using Surry Forest Road:
The logging and trucking equipment you may see in Surry Forest are crossing BHHT property to harvest a neighboring property. There is NOT a timber harvest being conducted on Surry Forest. Forest management company Prentiss and Carlisle is using existing woods roads on Surry Forest to reach an abutting property which does not have road access.
The access road they are using is on the north/left side of the loop, coming from the parking area, down the first spur road. If necessary, the road will be plowed from the gate to the access road. The project is anticipated to conclude around the end of February 2019.
 Please use caution, and stay back from all logging and trucking equipment. Due to the size of the equipment, it is important to keep children and dogs under control and off to the side as vehicles pass.
 If you have any questions please contact BHHT at (207) 374-5118.
Thank you!


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Location and Parking

This property is located off the Toddy Pond Rd (Rt 176) up Chestnut Lane (3 miles from Surry Village on your left OR 6.3 mi from Rt 1 in Orland on your right). As visitors pull into the property they will see a parking area on their left, just before the gated entrance. If all parking paces are full, visitors are asked to park off to the side and not completely block the gate if possible. Thank you.

Use Guidelines

  • Please stay on the roads. This is a huge piece of property. Unless you know the property really well, please stay on the logging roads so as not to get lost.
  • Carry out what you take in.
  • Fires are not permitted.
  • Dogs must be leashed.
  • Foot and bicycle traffic only, no motorized vehicles without BHHT permission.
  • Please do not disturb cameras or other Natural Resource monitoring devices we have set up.