Forest Days Professional Learning Program with Blue Hill Heritage Trust

Forest Days Professional Learning Program with Blue Hill Heritage Trust 2020-2021


Because of Covid-19, there was a great increase in interest around outdoor learning on the peninsula, and we had many requests for advice and assistance. In response, Blue Hill Heritage Trust offered a year-long Forest Days Professional Learning Program, FREE for teachers on the Blue Hill Peninsula. This Forest Days Program was a professional development opportunity for any teacher on the Blue Hill Peninsula interested in integrating Forest Days into their school day. It entailed a series of up to 10 zoom or in-person outdoor monthly workshops from October-June 2020-2021, a mini-grant for supplies, and Continuing Education Credits.


The Full Program Package:

  • A Mini Grant from BHHT for $250*
  • Plus a teacher book grant made possible by the Anahata Foundation
  • 8-10 zoom or in person monthly 1 hour workshops
  • Guidance on creating your own Forest Days Teacher Handbook
  • Time during workshops to bring ideas, concerns, and questions to the table
  • Free resources shared at each session
  • Continuing Education Credits from Maine DOE
  • Individual consultation time reserved on first come, first serve basis
  • Presentation by guest speakers who are National and International leaders in outdoor learning, Forest Days, and Forest School


Workshop Topics:


🌿 September: Philosophy of Forest Days and Introductions

🌿 October: Getting Started Behind the Scenes: Safety Protocol

🌿 November: Getting Started with your Class: Taking it all Outside for the First Time (GUEST SPEAKER: Eliza Minucchi)

🌿December: Nature Crafts and Teacher Show and Tell

🌿January: Learning from the Land

Bonus Workshop: Turning a Problem into the Curriculum (GUEST SPEAKER Anna Logos)

🌿 February: Emergent Curriculum (GUEST SPEAKER, Caylin Gans)

🌿March: Ecological Relationships and Impact Assessments and Land Acknowledgements

🌿April: Aligning Nature-based Activities to Standards (GUEST SPEAKER, Hazel Starks) 

🌿May: Fire Building Outdoors

🌿June: Wild Edibles and Goodbye Fairy Feast


Press Release Forest Days Program for Peninsula Teachers 2020


Evaluation Report