Ocean Plastics Program

Former BHHT intern Edouard Beardsley led a program the summer of 2020 titled: Leadership Challenge- Raising awareness about plastic pollution and educating youth through a beach cleanup and art activity.

Edouard was an intern at BHHT the summer of 2018. This program is a part of his graduate work in Biology with a focus on Community Based Wildlife Conservation through the Miami University of Ohio.

Click Below to see the video and presentation by Edouard. For the activity instructions and photos, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

This program took place at Carter Nature Preserve in Surry, ME.

*Apologies for the wind noise*



ACT: Go to your own favorite local shoreline or beach (we were at Carter Nature Preserve in Surry) and spend 30minutes picking up as much plastic as you can find. Doing a mini beach cleanup will help that local environment as well as keep that plastic from going back into the ocean. Thank you!


CREATE: Take your materials and create a temporary sculpture or art piece. Take a photo and send it to us at BHHT and we will add it here to this webpage!  After you have taken your photo, please make sure you pick up all the plastic again and take it to your nearest recycling center, or reuse any materials you can. Thanks!!