Carter Nature Preserve



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A Partnership with the Friends of Morgan Bay

Carter Nature Preserve was acquired in 1995 through the diligent efforts of Friends of Morgan Bay and Blue Hill Heritage Trust. The diverse shoreline offers panoramic view of Morgan Bay and is comprised of ledges interspersed with some large tidal pools and cobble beach. The mixed wood inland forest has likely not been logged for 70 or 80 years and includes some very large white pines and birch.

The public is welcome to use the property for low-impact recreation. The one-mile trail passes through an open field before it follows the rocky shoreline. The trail then makes a turn and travels through forest where it eventually dead-ends at a cove. Return the same way or follow the shore back. Shore access is more difficult at high tide.

Location and Parking

Limited parking is available at the bridge on Cross Road, Surry, at the head of Morgan Bay.  A larger parking area is further down Cross Road, across from the Furth/Talalay trailhead.

Use Guidelines

  • No dogs in wooded section please.
  • Dogs must be leashed while on shore.