Hunting on BHHT Lands

We would like to remind both hikers and hunters that many people in our community use the land owned by Blue Hill Heritage Trust  for multiple recreational purposes. During hunting season this fall, it is especially important that all users be aware of others using these lands. (Deer hunting with firearms is Nov. 1-Nov. 29, 2014.)

Hunting is a traditional use of open space lands in our area and we do not post our land. We do ask that hunters request permission to hunt so that we know who is hunting on our properties and so that we can request their help by reporting any unusual occurrences. Hunters are expected to abide by all state hunting regulations, to avoid heavily used hiking areas such as the south side of Blue Hill Mountain, and to be courteous to other non-hunters they may encounter. State law permits hunting from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset.  Hunting is not allowed on Sundays.

Hikers should wear blaze orange, just as hunters do, as a safety measure. Dogs should remain leashed and should also be wearing some article of blaze orange. Hikers are expected to be respectful to the hunters with whom they share the woods during this time of year. During the month long hunting season, Sundays are good days to hike.

Please contact Blue Hill Heritage Trust at 374-5118 if you would like to request permission to hunt or have other questions.

Thank you.

Downloadable hunting/fishing permission form

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